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Here are a few guidelines for use in creating Comments. Remember…

  • No Denomination Bashing. This study group practices the unity of the church that Jesus birthed. We come from many different backgrounds and traditions — Catholic, Orthodox, Reformed, Mainline Protestant, Pentecostal, Baptist, you name it. Some may not yet have become a Jesus follower. Thus, we do not engage in criticizing other denominations. Our focus and unity is in Jesus Christ. This does not mean we can’t have different thoughts, only that we can not beat each other up with how we think differently.

  • A Loving Spirit. You may not agree with everyone’s opinion you see in the Comments. Feel free to disagree in love and state your reasons. This way we can learn from each other. But if your motive is to set everyone straight, please don’t bother. Judgmental comments are not welcome, and posters who don’t demonstrate a loving spirit will be removed.

  • Removing Comments. We reserve the right to remove any comment that we don’t see as germane to the subject matter.

  • Stay On Topic. It’s important not to wander off-topic in your comments. If your comment isn’t on the topic of the Bible text we’re studying, please “hold that thought.” This isn’t a “Christian chat area” but a focused Bible study.

  • Be Discrete. Share carefully, realizing that many other people will be reading. Don’t share things that are too personal. Please don’t share your eMail address openly in your comments postings, since that will get you picked up by spambots and added to a spam list. If you have a website or blog you can use that name when making a comment.

  • No Advertising. This is not a place for you to put personal ads, business ads, or any ads for that matter.

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