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Using parables in that day was the fine art of story- telling. To teach in parables was to teach in pictures. Most people think in pictures. Few people are capable of grasping abstract truth, a notable form of teaching in the Western world. Most of us need truth to become concrete before it can be intelligible. We can try to define beauty with many words, but when we point to a person and say, “This person is beautiful,” the abstract becomes clear. Parables do not tell the person a truth as much as help the person discover the truth. A parable tells a person to put on another set of glasses. It suggests that one look at the information from a different perspective. The individual hearing the parable is left to draw his or her own conclusions and to make his or her own deductions. Truth that is told and memorized is quickly forgotten. Truth that is discovered will last a lifetime. The great value of parables does not impose truth on a person; it places a person in a position to realize truth.


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