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Left Behind Shorts

In a bit of tongue and cheek at the Left Behind series expense, I found the picture below several years ago on a religious sales page. I guess it was on sale for those who take the Left Behind theological position seriously so that after the rapture, friends could be readily spotted by the rear end of their shorts. I guess in a real sense that after the rapture, you could say that these sweat shorts could be worn if one needed to “turn the other cheek,” even thought it might be too late to be practicing such a thing. What I didn’t see on the sales site was if this product had been autographed by either the Late Tim LaHaye (d. July 25, 2016) or Jerry Jenkins to pad their increasing income. But, then I thought, who are those boys’ gonna leave all that money to when they are raptured? An inquiring minds wants to know!

Left Behind Shorts
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