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2. An Individual Devotional Approach

An individual devotional approach to reading Scripture often focuses on many facets: We fixate on the straw horse of plain meaning. We want to know: Why can’t we just read the English words and understand them as we do with most books we read?” Why do we need anyone else to help us? Is there a plain meaning? We have been taught by Sunday school teachers and family members to memorize verses, which have led us to think in a fragmented way about the Bible. Within certain cultures, the mind is not valued, so we may have developed an anti-intellectual bias in our reading. Those functioning in a Pentecostal-Charismatic church environment have devoted themselves to a reading where meaning is provided by the Spirit. Others have concentrated on coming up with some pretty bizarre ways of thinking about Scripture. Yet, others think that their point is the correct one and anyone who does not think the way they think is liberal and may not even be a Jesus follower. Each of these approaches are alive and well in the church. Here’ a closer look at each of them.

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