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2G. A Bizarre Interpretation Approach

Often the result of pneumatic interpreting can be seen by looking at the teaching and comments of those reading the book of Revelation where we can see some really bizarre and rather outlandish interpretations of the biblical text. It seems like the Second Coming of Jesus has been the object of quirky predictions forever. I wrote some of this in 2010 and the date of 2012 or 2018 was/is being predicted as the date of the return of Jesus; you can see the prediction of “The Return of Jesus Christ 2018 not 2012” a video on YouTube. 1 An individual devotional interpreter of the text has fallen prey it seems, to many of the issues we are discussing.

On a different note, as I researched this section, I found it interesting that the Executive Director of “The Council of Biblical Manhood & Womanhood” suggested that egalitarians may be guilty of “bizarre interpretations of Scripture.” 2 Eccentric interpretation seems to be everywhere!

I think it should be obvious that when we do not pursue good interpretative practices, we are doomed to cause damage to the meaning of the text and then as we share what we think the text means, we cause damage to the body of Christ. This happening is especially true, when we take the concrete position that “I’m right and everyone else is not.”


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  2. Randy Stinson, “Executive Director’s Column (May 1, 2004),” The Council on Biblical Manhood & Womanhood. http://cbmw.org/executive-directors-column-7/ (accessed January 23, 2013) This page is no longer available (July 17, 2015) One wonders why?.
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